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kerushii_san's Journal

27 October 1988
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my name is kelsey, but more commonly known as kerushii :]
i am a tad bit obsessed with japanese culture in all forms, what i focus on most is jpop. my main love is Kanjani8 <3 but i also adore NEWS, KAT-TUN, and Arashi.
my dream [much like most fangirls i suppose haha] is to live in Japan. i eventually want to go to school to become a translator and/or english teacher there. in the event that my dream doesnt totally work out, i will most likely teach here.
i kind of fail at keeping up with this journal, but i try to keep things amusing. i make graphics from time to time, and am going to try dabbling in the art of writing fanfics.
you should totally follow me on tumblr if you have one, i spam that like mad xD
thank you for checking out my profile, hopefully you will find me to be awsome enough to befriend me :]
yoroshiku onegaishimasu!